Calendar Status

Equity Market Calendars

Type Name Class Unit Tests Creator
Exchange NYSE NYSEExchangeCalendar Yes Quantopian
Exchange LSE LSEExchangeCalendar Yes Quantopian
Exchange CME CMEExchangeCalendar Yes Quantopian
Exchange ICE ICEExchangeCalendar Yes Quantopian
Exchange CFE CFEExchangeCalendar Yes Quantopian
Exchange BMF BMFExchangeCalendar   Quantopian
Exchange TSX TSXExchangeCalendar Yes Quantopian
Exchange EUREX EUREXExchangeCalendar Yes kewlfft
Exchange JPX JPXExchangeCalendar Yes gabalese
Exchange SIX SIXExchangeCalendar Yes oliverfu89
Exchange OSE OSEExchangeCalendar Yes busteren
Exchange SSE SSEExchangeCalendar Yes keli
Exchange TASE TASEExchangeCalendar   gabglus
Exchange HKEX HKEXExchangeCalendar Yes 1dot75cm
Exchange ASX ASXExchangeCalendar   pulledlamb
Exchange BSE BSEExchangeCalendar   rakesh1988

Futures Calendars

Exchange Name Class Unit Tests Creator
CME CME_Equity CMEEquityExchangeCalendar Yes rsheftel
CME CME_Bond CMEBondExchangeCalendar Yes rsheftel
CME CME_Agricultural CMEAgriculturalExchangeCalendar Yes lionelyoung

Exchange Calendars Package

pandas_market_calendars now imports and provides access to all the calendars in exchange_calendars

Use the ISO code on the trading_calendars page for those calendars. Many of the calendars are duplicated between the pandas_market_calendars and trading_calendars projects. Use whichever one you prefer.